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MP3 Only*

1. Can Xtrainerz headphones work with online Apps?

Xtrainerz headphones do not have Bluetooth to connect Apps like Spotify / Audible / Apple music / Amazon music. You will need to download audio files and then transfer them to be stored in the headphone memory.

2. Can I use Xtrainerz headphones for calls?

Xtrainerz headphones do not assemble Bluetooth nor microphone, thus not possible to use for phone calls.

3. Can I wear Xtrainerz headphones while I am in swim goggles or cap?

Absolutely yes. Xtrainerz headphones fit well with swim goggles and caps.

4. How many sizes do Xtrainerz headphones have?

Xtrainerz headphones are designed one standard size and fit for most users.

5. What is the operating surrounding for Xtrainerz headphones?

Xtrianerz headphones can be used in 0~45℃ and resistant maximum 2-meter deep underwater for 2 hours.