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1. What devices can OPENMOVE headphones pair?

OPENMOVE headphones offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, It can pair to most Bluetooth devices simultaneously that use Bluetooth 3.1 or higher, including mobiles, tablets, computers, watches, and some TVs. Please check the Bluetooth version of your devices.

2. How do I wear OPENMOVE headphones with other wearable devices? Do they have other sizes?

Yes. OPENMOVE headphones can be worn comfortably with spectacles and helmets. As for hearing aids, it is subject to the hearing aids' styles and design. OPENMOVE is designed in one-size, the band around is full titanium, and to fit majority users with its flexible frame.

3. How do I charge my OPENMOVE headphones?

You can charge your headphones with the Type-C cable provided in the box. Please ensure the charger does not exceed 5.25 amp or 5 volts. Please allow ample time to air-dry your headphones prior to charging if they’ve collected moisture from rain or sweat. Charging the headphones when moisture is present in the charging port can cause damage to the headphones.

4. What is the water-resistant level?

The OPENMOVE is certified waterproof IP-55 grade, you can enjoy it around some moisture like sweat or light rain. Kindly note keep the headphone dry before your next recharge after using.

5. Can I use OPENMOVE headphones for calls?

Absolutely you can. There are two microphones on the left of OPENMOVE headphones, so you can take phone calls easily with the multifunction button.

6. Can someone else hear what I'm listening to?

No. OPENMOVE provides a private listening experience, music will be enjoyed only by yourself.