H10M Electric Scooter

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The ultimate e-scooter.

This strong, sturdy and comfortable electric scooter has 3 speed settings including slow, normal and sport. It features a streamlined LED display control panel complete with trip odometer and battery level indicator. 

The front light has 4 super bright LED bulbs whilst the back LED lights will ensure you are highly visible to those behind and around you. 

Foldable in seconds, the aluminium alloy frame has also been powder coated to resist scratching.


 Tyre Size 10'' Solid/Puncture Proof honeycomb tyre
Width of tyre 2.5''
Climbing Angle 15 degrees
Max Speed 15mph (25km/h)
Weight 25kg
Mileage 35-40km
Battery Charge 5/6hrs
Motor Power 350w Brushless Motor
Max Loading 120kg
Mode Settings Low - Normal - Sport
Brakes Front electronic brake, rear disc brake
LED LED front and brake light
Ground Distance 15cm

    Note: By current laws, eScooters are not to be used on public roads, cycle paths or pavements. They are only for use on private land with the landowner’s consent.