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1. Do Aeropex headphones assemble Bluetooth or internal storage?

Aeropex headphones are Bluetooth headphones. They can pair with your BT devices as there's no internal storage.

2. Can Aeropex headphones be used for swimming?

Kindly note that Aeropex headphones are not recommended to be used for swimming.

3. What devices can Aeropex headphones pair?

Aeropex can pair to most Bluetooth devices that use Bluetooth 3.1 or higher, including mobiles, tablets, computers, watches, and some televisions. Aeropex headphones can not pair with gaming consoles and some transmitters. 

4. Is the headphone band adjustable?

Aeropex headphones are designed as a one-piece frame, so the band can not be adjusted.

5. Can I use Aeropex headphones for calls?

Absolutely you can. There are two microphones on the left of Aeropex headphones, so you can take phone calls easily with the multifunction button.

6. Can I wear Aeropex headphones with other wearable devices?

Yes. Aeropex headphones can be worn comfortably with spectacles and helmets. As for hearing aids, it is subject to the hearing aids' styles and design.